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April 13, 2008

Marathon Madness on Sky News

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The Internet can be a dangerous place for news organisations, particularly those who use the interactive potential of the medium to reach out to their audience and request contributions. Sky News will find this out to their cost, I expect, once they find out that they are the latest victim of an online prank – this time for their London marathon coverage.

The best pranks are the ones where the victim has absolutely no idea what is happening and this is true here. Some photoshop happy forummers on the Football365 Forum began adapting marathon photos from Flickr, Google Images and anywhere else they could get their hands on them.

They then sent them in to the unsuspecting Sky News team with spectacular results:

 Tron on the Marathon

How they didn’t see Tron amazes me.

Grim Reaper

A cruel sense of humour from Daniel Carr as the Grim Reaper makes an appearance (and not as a runner)


A rather naughty one here…I’m fairly sure the bridge doesn’t have that sign!

There are plenty more under the London Marathon session, can you spot them?

All in all, it goes to show that, although interacting with your audience is an admirable thing, trusting them is slightly different. Also, use some common sense and look at the photos before you post them!


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